the Sagin family

I may be a little biased, but isn't this the most scrumptious baby face?!?!  Those big cheeks and pouty lips belong to my nephew, Bradley.  While in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, I had the pleasure of snapping some festive images of my sister's family at a local Christmas tree farm.  It was a cold fall day, but the sun came out just in time for our adventure.  I know they will treasure these images of their first baby's, first Christmas!

Thank you for allowing me to capture these images for you!  I love you guys! -Jillian

the Michaelman family

This family wins the award for coolest reaction to a rogue rain cloud washing out our planned beach session!  It's always exciting when a surprise cloud that not even the Doppler can see, shows up to unload a downpour of wet weather...but really that's just Florida.  The Michaelman's are so calm and collected, they barely batted an eye at the rain.  Instead they invited me back to their home where we turned the rainy morning into an awesome in home lifestyle session.  We played with their pups, sang songs, ate cookies and even had an impromptu story time.  Enjoy all of the cuteness ahead!

thanks for allowing me in your home to capture these very special images! -Jillian